Ethics, integrity and compassion.

What we do is more than a job : this is not ‘just a business’. We believe in compassionate medicine. We don’t just talk ethics : we put ethics into practice every moment of every day. For us, medicine is all about care and empathy. Our patients come first.

Our goal is to give not only the best medical treatment but the most tender and respectful care to our patients. We want them to be comfortable, and pain free, whatever the situation. Help is often possible : compassion and alleviating pain always is, even in the final moments of life.

We support the idea that pain management is foremost. Whatever the disease or the condition, leaving pain untreated is not only unethical but counterproductive. Pain and suffering is not limited to pet cats and dogs. Recognising other forms of non-human pain has meant, for us, becoming vegetarians.



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Nos service_

We propose an integrative and holistic approach that encompasses diagnosis and therapeutics through nutrition, behaviour and ecology. We see our patients as whole beings, even when we focus our attention on a specific condition or organ. It’s the animal we consider, not only skin, kidneys, heart, etc. Nevertheless, when a case requires a more specialised approach, we offer lab testing, as well as imaging.

We offer a wide range of surgeries, from spaying/neutering to organ- oriented surgery, for example eye surgery, palatoplasty, (in bulldogs and others) bladder surgery… or bone surgeries for fractures or repair of congenital defects.

We aim at limiting the duration of hospital stay with us. We advocate out-patient surgeries because we know there is no better place for a patient to recover than home. The advantages are multiple ; home means more confort, less anxiety, and lower cost for the owner. Hospitalisation might nevertheless be a vital necessity, and in this case we try to offer your pet the most comforting environment possible.

We do not want to leave any animal with insufficient analgesia. Our operating principle is that every patient is in pain, or is potentially in pain. For us, pain management is vital : not treating pain worsens all other problems and may lead to death. Our protocols are in place to insure that no animal is left suffering.

Today, diagnostics often depends on medical imagery.  We know this and have invested in modern, cutting-edge equipment, including ultrasound and digital x-ray machines.  In specific cases (bronchitis gastric ulcers..) we use fiber endoscopes.

The laboratory is now indispensable in diagnosing and following illness.  The laboratory allows us to tailor treatment, an example being kidney problems or anemia. Our lab is complete, allowing us to read results in less than 15 minutes and adapt treatment in real-time.

Animal dental anomalies and pathologies are important. They mean infection and great pain, but are too often not seen by pet owners. We have devoted considerable time and resources to this field. Efficacious service with the goal of restoring the healthiest mouth possible leads to healthy, happy animals.

A specialised consultation is carried out by our opthalmology certified veterinarian.  Today’s standard operations are regularly carried out, examples being entropion and ectropion repair, ulcer repair, etc.

Prevention defines modern medicine. The majority of today’s illnesses and health problems can be ‘controlled’ or limited following this approach. In this context, food is uppermost : we are convinced that proper eating leads to living longer and better. With our dietetics certified veterinarian and dietetics-specialised assistant, we strive to offer he most appropriate advice and really improve the health of your pets. Dietetics is then the indispensable fifth element of a consultation.

We are proud of our continuous efforts to ensure the highest level of care.

Our approach is patient -specific and holistic : we live with the hope of offering a good life, a long life to our patients

A close-knit caring team to alleviate animal suffering


The team founder_

He has dedicated his life to working with animals. Today, with more than 40 years of practice, there’s no letting up. Fouad is certified in Nutrition and Ophtalmology. Also, being accutely aware of the negative impact of teeth and gum infections, and passionate about all technical matters, he is in charge of dentistry. Patient, and calm, he is the go-to person for behaviour consultations.

  • DMV Doctor of veterinary Medicine
  • CES Ophtalmologie
  • CES Diététique
  • Formed in
    • Dentistry
    • Behaviour,
    • Acupuncture
    • Mesotherapy


The second generation vet_

He loves cats, all cats, not just at work and home, but even during holidays, and the bond is reciprocated. (loves dogs, too, and has many) Logically, Nick is our cat specialist. He thinks knowledge has to be gained life long, so spends a lot of off-work time enrolled in continuous education programs. A great part of this is dedicated to pain management, because Nick thinks pain is the greatest enemy of medicine. Pain is somewhat inevitable, but suffering is intolerable

  • DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
  • MSc in biochemistry
  • MSc in clinical biochemistry
  • Certified in Analgesia,
  • Certified Pain Management (Acute, chronic and cancer pain),
  • Certified Loco-regional Anaesthesia,
  • Mesotherapy,
  • Systemic Inflammatory diseases and Sport emergencies


the heart of the operation_

She has been on the job from day one. Maryse is the one who gave the clinic its humane touch. Today, she remains a vital a part of the project through management and public relations. Maryse is in charge of the confort and well being of our patients.


The mind_

Hind joined the family operation after many years spent abroad studying. A student of Humanities, Hind holds a Master in Philosophy and Art. Coming on board, she brought us new insights in care and ethics. It follows then that Hind is in charge of animal protection and has been appointed chief nurse.

We believe that trust and respect mean giving better care and and speed the healing process.

Animal well being and concern for the environmental impact of all our choices and define a more humane and responsible practice of medicine